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Pay Harbour fee

We have an online payment service, and you can select the period in the menu on the left. You can of course easily extend your stay with us by paying for a new period. Payment can be made by creditcard

When you pay the port fee, enter the date you arrive. You need to enter the length of the boat, type of boat, name, email and telephone number. The payment is not complete until you have paid.

After the port fee has been paid, a code will be sent to the specified email address and phonenumber. This code is for doors in the service building. Note that the code is renewed every night, so click on the link for the current code every day.

The fee includes electricity along the guest pier (along the restaurant Joel's pier)
If you are in numbered places, a Tallycard card is needed to activate electricity. These can be bought at the port office / office, ice cream café little Tre Toppar, and restaurant Joels peir.

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